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New Components and a Flex Connector to Enhance Your Data Workflows!

Designer Data Loader New features πŸŽ‰

We're here with another round of exciting updates! The Designer has welcomed a series of new components to broaden your data integration and transformation capabilities, and batch pipelines have a new Flex connector onboard.

Newly Added Designer Components

Expanding your data handling options, we've introduced several new components to the Designer:

  • Azure Blob Storage Load and Unload for efficient data loading and extraction with Azure Blob Storage.
  • Dynamics 365 Query to seamlessly pull and manipulate your Dynamics 365 data.
  • Facebook Ads Query and Facebook Query to integrate and handle data from Facebook and Facebook Ads efficiently.
  • Salesforce Marketing Cloud Query to unlock easy access and manipulation of your marketing data housed in Salesforce.

A New Addition to Batch Pipelines

Batch pipelines also got a boost with the addition of the Snapchat Flex Connector, offering tailored connectivity to develop batch pipelines, ensuring a more streamlined and effective data transformation process.

Cloud Credentials Storage, Expanded SaaS Support, and More!

Designer Data Loader New features πŸŽ‰Improvements πŸ”§

We're excited to share our latest updates designed to optimize your experience with enhanced features in cloud credential storage, component support, and an array of new Flex connectors. Here's the lowdown.

Designer Enhancements

Users can now store cloud provider credentials within the Designer, streamlining authentication with AWS and Azure. We've broadened the scope of components supported in a Matillion Full SaaS environment, including Data Transfer, Excel Query, File Iterator, RDS Bulk Output, RDS Query, S3 Load, S3 Unload, SNS Message, and SQS Message. Plus, utilizing an S3 location as the stage platform on all query components is now a breeze in a Matillion Full SaaS setting.

CDC Pipeline Upgrades

The CDC agent has advanced to version 2.87.1. Now, pipelines with Db2 for IBM i as a source can benefit from on-demand snapshots. We've introduced the Change Log as a transformation type for pipelines targeting Snowflake. Also, the "Create Pipeline" pages got a facelift with an in-client Help bar, offering contextual documentation to assist you seamlessly through the creation process.

Batch Pipelines Boost

Meet the new arrivals in Flex connectors – PagerDuty, Snyk, Datadog, Freshdesk, Klaviyo, LaunchDarkly, Productboard, Smartsheet, and Twilio – each designed to amplify your batch pipeline development and data transformation capabilities.

New Components, Enhanced UI, and CDC Agent Upgrades!

Designer CDC New features πŸŽ‰Improvements πŸ”§

We're excited to unveil a series of updates, featuring new components for the Designer, an enhanced user interface, and significant improvements to the CDC Agent.

Designer's Growing Suite of Components

The Designer has been enriched with the addition of the Marketo Query component, making integration with Marketo smoother than ever. Google BigQuery Query and NetSuite Query also joined the roster, offering more versatility in querying data.

We've revamped the UI for a streamlined user experience. The β€˜+' button is now an β€˜Add' button accompanied by a context menu, simplifying the process of creating pipelines and folders. For those stepping into an instance of Designer with no existing pipelines, a 'Getting Started' wizard is at your service to make the setup a breeze.

CDC Agent Gets a Revamp

The CDC Agent was upgraded to version 2.83.5, with several imrprovements to snapshotting reliability. Snowflake users will also benefit from the additional validation of the stage format.

We also introduced β€˜rs_id' and β€˜ssn' metadata fields to the Oracle change records, providing more detailed insights for effective data tracking and management.

Bing Ads Query Component, Enhanced Collaboration, and a New Flex Connector!

Designer Data Loader New features πŸŽ‰Improvements πŸ”§

The Designer welcomes the Bing Ads Query component, a new feature to boost team collaboration, and a fresh Flex connector for batch pipelines. Here's a quick overview!

Bing Ads Query

Harness the power of the Bing Ads Query component in the Designer for efficient data extraction and handling from Bing Ads.

Boosting Collaboration

We've added an β€˜Invite your Teammates' item to the help widget's Task checklist in the Designer, making team collaboration straightforward and efficient.

New Flex Connector

For batch pipelines, meet the new Pendo Flex connector, expanding your options and making data transformation more versatile.

New Components, Organizational Features, and Direct to Snowflake for CDC!

Designer Data Loader New features πŸŽ‰Improvements πŸ”§

With the addition of new components in the Designer, intuitive organizational features, and updates to the CDC agent, navigating through your data transformation tasks just got easier.

Designer Enhancements

We've introduced the File Iterator and Stream Input components to expand your data processing capabilities. Organizing your pipelines is now a breeze with the newly added ability to sort them into folders, ensuring a cleaner and more efficient workspace. Tooltips have been added to offer instant insights on pipelines and components.

Designer also now has the File Iterator component, allowing your orchestration jobs to loop through files in storage such as S3, opening up many possibilities for adding automation logic to your workflows.

The new Stream Input transformation component allows you to read chosen columns from a Snowflake stream. Be sure to create a stream using the Create Stream component, first!

CDC Agent and Pipelines update

The CDC Agent isn't left behind in this wave of updates; we've moved up to version 2.81.12. For those working with Snowflake, you'll be pleased to know that Direct to Snowflake has now been added as a target.

New Code Editor, New Components, and CDC Agent Updates!

Designer CDC New features πŸŽ‰Improvements πŸ”§

We're rolling out updates to enhance your experience: a revamped code editor for a more intuitive coding journey, additional components to broaden your data handling capabilities, and updates to the CDC Agent for an enriched performance. Here's a detailed look!

Revamped Code Editor

The Designer's code editor has been refined. Now featuring syntax highlighting and IntelliSense for quicker code writing and reviewing, plus enhanced validation support for SQL, Python, and Bash. Access a suite of commands with a simple tap on F1 and smoothly navigate your code with Visual Studio Code shortcut keys.

New Components Alert!

We've introduced Email Query, HubSpot Query, LDAP Query, and Stripe Query to the Designer. These additions are geared to facilitate more streamlined and versatile data extraction and management.

CDC Agent Update

We've updated the CDC Agent to version 2.81.6. Oracle Signal Table validation on PDBs and an updated "Unavailable Value" placeholder in the PostgreSQL connector are part of this update, offering more tools at your disposal.

Sharepoint comes to Designer and CDC agent updates

Designer CDC New features πŸŽ‰

The new Sharepoint Query connector allows you connect to a number of Sharepoint services and load data as part of Designer's orchestration pipelines.

The component's driver currently supports:

  • Windows SharePoint Services 3.0
  • Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007
  • SharePoint Server 2010
  • SharePoint Server 2013
  • SharePoint Server 2016
  • SharePoint Online

CDC agent updates

We've added on-demand snapshotting functionality for Oracle, SQL Server, and MySQL databases. You'll need to update your CDC agent to get these benefits.

  • Updated CDC Agent version from 2.68.1 to 2.76.1.
  • Updated CDC Agent version from 2.76.1 to 2.77.1.