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Accessing the Matillion ETL Client (Amazon EC2)

This page will help you find the necessary details to connect to your launched Matillion ETL instance using default login details. For security, we recommend that when you log in for the first time, you set up users with their own logins to the instance. Read User Configuration for details.


This article assumes you have already launched a Matillion ETL instance on AWS. Read the AWS articles in Launching Matillion ETL overview for more information.

Accessing Matillion ETL on Amazon Web Services (EC2)

To log in to your Matillion ETL instance, you will need some details from your EC2 instance.

  1. Open the EC2 Management Console of your AWS account.
  2. Select the running instance that hosts your Matillion ETL client.

    EC2 management console

  3. Make a copy of the Instance ID. This will be the default password for the initial login to your instance.

  4. Make a copy of the Public IPv4 address. This is used to connect to your instance via your internet browser.
  5. Enter the Public IPv4 address in your browser's address bar (or alternatively click open address in the EC2 Management Console) to open your Matillion ETL instance.
  6. The login dialog of the Matillion ETL instance will open. If this is your first login, use the following credentials:

    • Username: ec2-user
    • Password: The Instance ID noted in step 3.
  7. Click Log In.

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