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Azure Queue Storage Message

Azure Queue Storage Message is an orchestration component that lets you post a message to Azure Queue Storage. Other applications can read those messages and perform further processing.

You need to have the credentials for your Azure account configured in Cloud provider credentials and associated with your environment.


To use this component, your Azure account must have the role AQS Storage Queue Data Message Sender assigned. Read Assign Azure roles using the Azure portal in the Azure documentaiton for details.


Name = string

A human-readable name for the component.

Storage Account = drop-down

The name of the Azure storage account that contains your queue. The drop-down shows storage accounts available to the Azure account configured in Cloud provider credentials. Only storage accounts of the kind Storage or StorageV2 can be used for queues.

Queue = drop-down

The name of the queue to write to. Available queues for the selected storage account are listed.

Message = string

The message to post to the designated queue. This can include variables to be resolved at runtime.

Message format = drop-down

Messages may be Plain or Base64 encoded.

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