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Assert components in Matillion ETL


Matillion ETL's suite of Assert components empower users to verify conditions of scalar variables, tables, external tables, and views.

Please Note

  • The Assert components are an Enterprise Mode feature.
  • Assert External Table is not yet available for Matillion ETL for Azure Synapse Analytics.

The Assert components suite includes:

  • Assert Scalar Variables, which lets users verify a variable's value or else halt the running of a job.
  • Assert External Table, which lets users assert the metadata and row count of an external table.
  • Assert Table, which lets users verify that the target table has been created with the correct metadata.
  • Assert View, which lets users verify that certain conditions of a view are true, or else halt the running of a job.

Additional Resources

More information about how the Assert unit testing components can be used to verify jobs and reduce the development life cycle timeframe of your Matillion jobs can be found on the Matillion blog post, Assert Unit Test Components: Validating Objects in Matillion ETL.