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This article is designed to help you troubleshoot some of the typical errors that you may encounter while configuring and using destinations for CDC.

General troubleshooting steps for connection issues for pipeline creation

When facing connection failure after creating a pipeline, here are some troubleshooting actions you can take:

  • Check credentials: Ensure that the credentials used for the pipeline are correct. Verify that the username, password, access keys, or any other authentication details are accurate and have not expired or been revoked.
  • Review the network configuration: Confirm that the network configuration is properly set up. Check if the required ports (e.g., for database connections) are open, and any firewalls or security groups allow the necessary traffic.
  • Verify endpoint or URL: Double-check the endpoint or URL provided for the destination system. Make sure it is accurate and accessible. For example, in the case of a database, ensure that the hostname or IP address is correct.
  • Test connection outside the pipeline: Attempt to establish a connection manually from the same machine or network where the pipeline is running. Use the same credentials and network settings to verify if the connection can be established outside of the pipeline context. This can help identify any network or authentication issues.
  • Inspect error messages: Pay attention to any error messages or logs provided by the pipeline or the destination system. They may contain specific details about the connection failure, such as authentication errors or network timeouts. Analyzing these messages can provide valuable insights into the root cause of the problem.
  • Check system status and availability: Verify the status and availability of the destination system. For example, check if the database server or API service is running and accessible. Monitor any service status pages or announcements for any known issues or outages.
  • Contact support or consult documentation: If the issue persists and you have exhausted the available troubleshooting steps, reach out to the Support team of the pipeline provider or consult their documentation. They can offer further guidance and assistance based on their specific platform and integration.

Connection fail

When encountering a "Connection fail" while creating pipeline in MDL, it's important to verify that the correct database is entered in the Destination Settings page. Here's how you can address this issue:

  • Verify the database name: Double-check the database name specified in the settings. Ensure that the database name matches the actual name of the database you want to connect to in your target system.
  • Check for typos or case sensitivity: Pay attention to any typos or case sensitivity in the database name. Ensure that the name is entered exactly as it appears in your target system. Some databases are case-sensitive, so the capitalization of letters must match.
  • Confirm database existence: Validate that the database actually exists in your target system. Check the database management interface or command-line tools of your database system to ensure the specified database is present.
  • Test the connection: After verifying the database name, test the connection to confirm that MDL can successfully connect to the target system. Use the provided testing or connection validation features in MDL to ensure the connection is established without errors.