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The Or orchestration component waits for any of its inputs to complete before continuing the job. Once any of the inputs complete, the tasks defined after the Or component are added to the job. There may already be tasks in the queue, however, so they may not necessarily be run next.

The input links don't have to be success links. For example, you may wish to take an action if any of a set of components fail, regardless of which particular one fails.

Only the Name property can be configured to provide a meaningful description of the component.

For similar flow components, see the And component and the If component.

Any copied variables that exist in the workflow when going through the Or component will be reset to the values they held at the beginning of the job; unless the current job is being called from another job, the variable in question will be reset to its default value. This is to prevent the need to resolve two potentially different values of a copied variable when two parallel workflows meet the Or component. If this isn't the case for your workflow, consider instead using the value of the copied variable to update a shared variable prior to the Or.


Name = string

A human-readable name for the component.

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