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Select a service

After registering for a Hub account, and selecting the account you are associated with, you will be taken to What do you want to do today?, where you can select your required service, and choose from an array of Hub services tailored to your requirements.

You are also able to manage your account's users, by clicking the Users tab on the upper-left-hand side. For more information, read Manage account users.


Certain services on this page can also be accessed through the Platform Navigation menu, at the top-left.

Selecting a Hub service

Choose from the following tiles:

  • Design data pipelines: Use Matillion Designer to build end-to-end data pipelines leveraging our loading, transformation, sync, and orchestration capabilities. For more information, read Designer Overview.
  • Load data: Data Loader allows you to create and manage both streaming change data capture (CDC) and batch pipelines. For more information, read Data Loader CDC.
  • View Matillion ETL activity: View pipeline run history, and view a list of your Matillion ETL instances. For more information, read Pipeline Observability.

Browse the list of useful services below:

  • Add Matillion ETL instance: Set up a new Matillion ETL instance. For more information, read Matillion ETL Instance Creation.
  • Manage Agents: Add an agent container to run your Designer pipeline tasks. For more information, read Create an agent.
  • Manage Custom Connectors: Create a custom connector to virtually any data source. For more information, read Matillion Custom Connector Overview.
  • Monitor Credit Usage: View and access your credit consumption across Data Loader, existing Matillion ETL instances, and subscription plan information. For more information, read Credit Consumption Dashboard.
  • Share Product Ideas: Submit a new idea directly to the Matillion Product team.

Situated at the bottom are additional links that give help and guidance:

  • Matillion Community: Share knowledge and best practices for Data Loader and Matillion ETL. For more information, read Matillion Community.
  • Matillion Academy: Develop your data skills with the latest ETL best practices. For more information, read Matillion Academy.
  • Matillion Exchange: Download and submit shared components and templates to your Matillion ETL instance. For more information, read Matillion Exchange.