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Scope of Matillion ETL features


Matillion ETL has many features that are not configured globally and can differ from project to project.

The below table lists common Matillion ETL features and their scopes where Project means that feature does not share its configuration with all other Projects and Instance means that feature shares its configuration with all Projects on that Matillion ETL Instance.

Feature Scope
API Profiles Instance
CDC Tasks and Configuration per Project. Warning: Only use a single FIFO Queue per Project.
Credentials Credentials are stored and accessible universally but selected on a per Project basis.
Drivers Instance
Environments Available per Project but selected per user.
Error reporting Project
OAuth Instance
Passwords Project Group
Schedules Project
Shared Jobs Instance
SQS Configuration (Where available) Universal
Tasks Per Project. Task History is also per Project
Variables Environment Variables are per Project. Job variables are per-Job.
Versions Per Project