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Performance monitor

The Performance tab in the lower-right panel displays important performance metrics for your Matillion ETL instance. These metrics provide valuable real-time insights about system performance, enabling more informed decision making during specific events.


This feature is disabled by default. You can enable it by adding FEATURE_SWITCHES=PERFORMANCE_MONITOR to, which you can access by SSHing into your Matillion ETL instance and accessing the file at /usr/share/emerald/WEB-INF/classes/

FEATURE_SWITCHES can be configured to a comma-separated set of values. If it is already set, make sure the previous value is being retained.

The Latest column in the Performance tab shows the latest recorded value of each metric. Performance metrics are sampled and updated in this column every few seconds.

Click View Analytics to open a panel showing a graph of the performance history for the selected metric. By default, this graph shows the last five minutes of performance data. Use the drop-down menu in the upper-right of the graph to change this period to last hour or last three hours.

Use the Toggle metrics... drop-down to add multiple metrics to the same graph. For example, you could select both "METL heap" and "METL non-heap" to show both values as differently colored lines on a single graph.


Excessive sampling of performance metrics by multiple users can itself affect performance. Therefore, in situations where large numbers of users are involved, we recommend using role-based permissions to limit which users can access the Request Performance Metrics feature. Read Groups and Permissions for information on how to change this permission. By default, access to this feature is granted to all users.