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Blob Storage

When using an agent on Microsoft Azure, that agent will require access to Blob Storage. This must be set up by the user with correct access before installing the agent.

It is possible to use an existing storage account, it is recommended to create a new storage account for CDC with the required permissions. The process is covered in this article.


  • A storage account must be created, so that a blob container can be created in the storage account.
  • The MDL CDC agent will write to the blob container in the storage account.
  • To access blob data in the Azure Portal, you must have following data access roles:
    • Storage Blob Data Owner.
    • Storage Blob Data Contributor.

Creating a storage account

Storage account

  1. In the Microsoft Azure Portal, browse to the Storage accounts service.
  2. Click Create.
  3. Select a resource group and region. It's recommended to choose the same resource group and region that you will be launching your agent (and Key Vault instance) in. You may want to create a new resource group to contain your CDC resources in.
  4. Click Review + create and then Create.
  5. After a brief moment your resource will be created. Click Go to resource when complete.


  1. When the resource has been created, click Containers.
  2. Click + Container.
  3. Leave the Public access level as Private.
  4. Give your new container a name and click Create.

Access keys

  1. Click Access keys and then Show Keys.
  2. Make note of one of your access keys from a Key field. This Storage Access Key (SAS) will be required to create your secret in Azure Key Vault.
  3. Enter the secret name while you create your CDC pipeline in Data Loader UI under Key Vault > Secret Name.

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