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Job reference renaming


Matillion ETL lets users rename orchestration jobs and transformation jobs. Additionally, as of version 1.58, users can select whether the renaming of a job renames all instances where that job is referenced, or not.

Read below for an example.

Job Reference Renaming

1. This Matillion ETL project contains a selection of orchestration jobs and transformation jobs.

The orchestration job, docs-example, contains a Run Transformation component that calls the transformation job, docs-run. If we were to rename docs-run, this would affect docs-example.

2. In this example, the transformation job docs-run will be renamed to transformation-runner.

3. To do this, right-click on the job you wish to rename and click Manage Job.

4. In the Manage Job dialog, change the value of Job name to the new name and click OK.

5. The Manage Job dialog will feed back that The current job you are attempting to rename is referenced by other jobs: and then display a list of any jobs that reference the job whose name is changing.

The dialog will display the current job name, the new job name, and a list of any jobs that reference the managed job. Users must then select one of two options:

  1. Rename the current job only (default): This action will only rename the current job and will consequently stop the other jobs that reference this job from running successfully.
  2. Rename all references to this job: This action will change all references of this job to the new name, ensuring that all Run Orchestration and Run Transformation components using this job will continue to work. This choice cannot be reversed.