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Technology upgrade of PostgreSQL

Deprecation of PostgreSQL 9

Matillion ETL stores metadata in a database. For GCP and Azure instances on any version of Matillion ETL, and AWS instances of version 1.52 and higher, the database used is PostgreSQL.

On 11th November, 2021, PostgreSQL version 9 was deprecated. Please read Versioning Policy if you wish to learn more about the PostgreSQL versioning policy.

PostgreSQL 13

Starting with version 1.56 of Matillion ETL, new instances are shipped with PostgreSQL version 13 as the metadata database. We recommend that users update their PostgreSQL database now to reflect this.

Matillion ETL offers in-place upgrades for their instances with PostgreSQL 9 as their metadata store until mid-year 2022 (official date to be confirmed).

All Matillion ETL instances that use a PostgreSQL database and that were launched or created before version 1.56 are affected by this change.

Steps to update your PostgreSQL database

The path to upgrade differs based on whether Matillion ETL is using an internal or external metadata store.

Please follow the outlined path that applies to you to remain supported:

Internal metadata database

  1. Relaunch your Matillion ETL deployment using the latest image.
  2. Read Migration for instructions on migrating your content to your new deployment.

External database

Deployment Type: Existing deployment using external PostgreSQL 9.

Recommendation: By following the instructions specified by the relevant cloud provider, this deployment will be able to update the PostgreSQL version running RDS/Cloud SQL/Azure Database. Please read the suggested documentation below for each cloud provider:

After following the steps in the relevant cloud provider documentation, Matillion ETL can be upgraded to version 1.56.

Amazon RDS for PostgreSQL

As per a post on the AWS Discussion Forums:

"Amazon RDS for PostgreSQL 9.6 will reach end-of-life (EOL) on 18th January, 2022 00:00:01 AM UTC. While you will be able to run your RDS for PostgreSQL 9.6 databases between community PostgreSQL 9.6 EOL (11th November, 2021) and RDS for PostgreSQL 9.6 EOL (18th January, 2022), the databases will not receive any security patches during this extended availability period."

For any Matillion ETL instances that use Amazon RDS for PostgreSQL, please be aware that AWS automatically upgraded all PostgreSQL 9.6 instances to version 12 on or soon after 18th January, 2022. Matillion suggests upgrading any PostgreSQL 9.6 databases to version 13.4 at your convenience ahead of this date, which requires that the associated Matillion ETL instances be upgraded to version 1.56 or greater, as well.

Azure Database for PostgreSQL

As per a post from the Microsoft Azure updates:

"Because PostgreSQL version 9.6 community support ends on 11th November 2021, Azure Database for PostgreSQL no longer supports PostgreSQL version 9.6 after 11th November 2021."

Matillion strongly recommends you upgrade your PostgreSQL 9.6 instance to 13.4 and upgrade your Matillion ETL instances to version 1.56 or later at your earliest convenience.

GCP Cloud SQL for PostgreSQL

As per a post from Google Cloud:

"The final release for PostgreSQL 9.6 is slated for 11th November, 2021. This is a good time to consider upgrading to a more recent version of PostgreSQL. Cloud SQL for PostgreSQL strives to maintain compatibility with the latest releases and currently supports 10, 11, 12, and 13."

While Google Cloud has not (at this time) published plans to automatically upgrade PostgreSQL 9.6 instances, we strongly recommend you upgrade your PostgreSQL 9.6 instance to 13.4 and upgrade your Matillion ETL instances to version 1.56 or later at your earliest convenience.