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Change My Password

Matillion ETL users can change their own login password using the following steps:

  1. Click ProjectChange My Password.
  2. Complete the three fields in the Change Password dialog.
    • Current Password: Enter your current password.
    • New Password: Enter the new password of your choice.
    • Re-enter New Password: Re-enter the new password of your choice again to confirm the choice.

Matillion ETL will assess the strength of the new password and provide feedback on how secure it is. You should aim to create a "strong" password.

Once you are happy with your new password, click OK.

Passwords can:

  • Contain between 12 and 128 characters.
  • Contain any printable Unicode characters.
  • Be denied if matched against leaked or common passwords.
  • Be denied if they're too simple, such as matching simple patterns.