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1.66 release notes


Below, you can find release notes for Matillion ETL version 1.66.x

Matillion ETL version 1.66.21 (interim release)

2022 - October 20th

  • Fixed an issue to prioritize UI websocket messages over background ones to maintain UI responsiveness under load.
  • Fixed an issue where selecting the output operation Upsert in the Salesforce Output component would lead to the Update/Delete key being used to build an Upsert SQL statement. The Upsert key is now used as expected.
  • Scheduled jobs that have been automatically cancelled to prevent duplication are more consistently represented in the REST API.
  • Fixed an issue where the Excel Query component would load the wrong columns if the Spreadsheet value was altered after an initial job run.
  • Fixed an issue where a user's selected environment would not persist on logging out and back in and would instead default to the project's default environment. Now, when a user logs out and back in, their most recently selected environment will be the environment they selected before logging out.

Matillion ETL version 1.66.20 (major release)

2022 - October 7th

New features and improvements

All platforms

  • Versioned the Zoho CRM Query component. When using the refreshed component, you'll need to create new OAuth entries to authenticate the component with your Zoho CRM account.
  • Added matillion-examples folder of sample jobs; and matillionexamples folder of shared jobs. To access, select Include Samples during the Create Project process.
  • Enabled environment variable-based user configuration, enabling internal and OpenID-based authentication on clustered instances.


  • The appearance of the Manage Schedules dialog has been modified to provide a better user experience.
  • Updated Zero Copy Clone:
    • When a user clones an environment or database, or a clone is created as part of a scheduled job, this is now reported in the task history.
    • If an environment is cloned as part of a scheduled job and a user's environment limit is reached, the task is cancelled and this is reported in the task history.

Snowflake and Amazon Redshift

  • Updated the Salesforce Output component:
    • Rejected/failed records can be captured in an exception table, so that they can be flagged for further analysis.
    • New component properties allow the user to specify the database and table that will hold the rejected/failed records. The table will be created if it does not already exist.
    • The error table includes the content of failed rows, the error message, and a timestamp that includes the time zone.

Delta Lake on Databricks

  • Validation has been added to the Notebook property of the Run Notebook component to inform the user if the environment has invalid Databricks credentials.
  • Clicking the Notebook property in the Run Notebook component now offers both a field for a notebook file path, and a list of directories and notebooks based on the connected Workspace in the Matillion ETL environment.

Google BigQuery

Bug fixes

All platforms

  • Fixed an issue where Matillion ETL's Git Integration feature would sometimes freeze when trying to checkout a branch with uncommitted changes.
  • Fixed an issue where Manage Schedules would incorrectly accept invalid values for Minute and Hour if the first two characters were correct. For example, a Minutes value of 21asdasd should have failed, but didn't.
  • Fixed an issue where the SurveyMonkey Query component was unable to pull more than 100 survey responses per survey.
  • Fixed an issue where some components were not working as expected when connecting to Matillion ETL via a proxy server.
  • Fixed an issue where validating nested metadata would not produce the same results as validating the Table Metadata parameter for the Create Table and Assert Table components.
  • Fixed an issue where the redirect back to Matillion ETL after logging into Hub would fail.


  • Fixed an issue where the task history and task panel were not showing expanded messages for Zero Copy Clone tasks.
  • Fixed an issue where running a job in a cloned environment incorrectly caused a command failure error message to be displayed on screen.
  • Fixed an issue where tables created in a cloned environment were shown as existing in both the cloned and the original environment, although they, correctly, only existed in the cloned environment.
  • Fixed an issue where the Excel Query component couldn't correctly load a file that had been converted from XLS to XLSX.
  • Fixed an issue where links from Matillion ETL to Snowflake documentation for Calculator functions failed.
  • Fixed an issue where one Matillion ETL user selecting an environment would select this environment for any other users working in the Matillion ETL instance. If one user selects a different environment it will not affect the other user.

Amazon Redshift

Delta Lake on Databricks

  • Fixed an issue where dragging a table from the Environments panel to the canvas would not deploy the table to the canvas when a user released the left mouse button.

Delta Lake on Databricks and Google BigQuery

  • Fixed an issue where Extract Nested Data failed to validate on the generated SQL when semi-structured data contained an array within a struct; and also when an array where column names and actual values were similar.

Driver updates

  • Bing Ads API driver updated 20.0.7662.021.0.8235.0
  • Facebook Ads API driver updated 21.0.8011.021.0.8257.0
  • Excel API driver updated 21.0.8137.022.0.8287.0
  • SendGrid API driver updated 20.0.7627.021.0.8241.0
  • SurveyMonkey API driver updated 21.0.8137.022.0.8257.0
  • Zoho CRM API driver updated 21.0.8137.022.0.8284.0