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January 2023 changelog

25th January

BatchNew features 🎉

  • Users can now observe the URL being queried, so they know the endpoint they're working with. This feature is specific to the Custom Connector pipeline.

CDCImprovements 🔧

  • Added an improvement so that users will be alerted via email if their CDC pipeline fails.
  • CDC Agent deployment approach has improved. Users can now quick-create an agent within AWS, using the link from the Data Loader UI (it will pre-fill values into the template for you). Read CloudFormation ECS Fargate Advanced Template for more information.
  • Fixed an issue that prevented data from being properly erased while creating destinations. Now, when editing one destination after another or adding new destinations, users should be able to establish pipelines with cleared data.

20th January

CDCImprovements 🔧

  • Users can now manually reset their own key pair without needing to contact Matillion support. Read Platform Keys for more information.

18th January

BatchImprovements 🔧

  • Users can now download error logs for their pipelines as a .txt file.
  • Improved validation when creating and editing pipelines by adding per-field validation.
  • Users can now set table names when creating a pipeline (as opposed to the table name being assigned on the source name.)

CDCImprovements 🔧

  • Column names are now sanitized to ensure conformity with the Avro file format rules.
  • Fixed an issue where special characters in table names would cause issues in the pipeline configuration.
  • Improvement added to now log an error if your Organization ID or Agent ID values are not in the correct format.