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September 2022 changelog

28th September

BatchNew features 🎉

CDCNew features 🎉

  • Added support for multiple schemas, which enables CDC pipelines to read from numerous schemas and tables at once. You can choose any schemas and tables you want to include in the pipeline depending on the data source.
  • A new feature for CDC agent versioning has been introduced, in which the presence of a red agent version number indicates an out-of-date agent version and prevents you from adding a pipeline to the agent. To add a new pipeline, you must upgrade your agent. Any currently running pipelines will keep working, but the user is prompted to upgrade the agent.

22nd September

CDCImprovements 🔧

  • Fixed an issue where tables that started with a numeric character—or contained a dash character—would cause the Avro file generated to be non-compliant with the specification. This in turn would result in a file that couldn't be imported. Data Loader CDC now sanitizes table names with the following pattern:
    • Any non-alphanumeric character is replaced by an underscore.
    • If the leading character is numeric, prefix the table name with an underscore.

If you have encountered issues because of this error, you'll need to clear out your cloud storage location to remove the non-compliant files. If you haven't encountered this error, your agent upgrade doesn't require this remediation step.

14th September

BatchNew features 🎉