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Enterprise mode


Please Note

This page does NOT relate to instances of Matillion ETL created via Hub.

If you are looking for Matillion ETL editions available via Hub, read Hub - Editions.

Enterprise Mode is an extension of the regular Matillion ETL functionality that becomes available to users running on select instances that are specified in Instance Sizes Guide.

Upgrading to or downgrading from Large and Extra Large instances will enable and disable (respectively) Enterprise Mode and its related services.

Important Information

  • BYOL Licence customers may have a custom feature list and will need to enquire directly about which features are available.
  • It is vital that you restart your Matillion ETL instance after applying a licence to gain access to all expected features.


Below is a brief overview of features available in Enterprise Mode:

  • Assert Components: Empower users to verify conditions of scalar variables, tables, external tables, and views.
  • Git Integration: Lets users convert their Matillion Project into a Git project, and use Matillion's Versions management system as a network of independent working areas, centralised via the Git feature, where users can perform Git actions to manage their team's Matillion ETL projects.
  • Generated Documentation: One-click generation of documentation for any given job, yielding a downloadable report that details the job layout, components, SQL, and properties.
  • Audit Log: The Audit Log shows a list of significant activity within a Matillion Instance. Most actions by users are logged here in detail such that they are accountable for any changes made.
  • Permissions: Almost every service and function in Matillion ETL has been laid out for admins to: enable or forbid user access; micromanage what different users are able to do on the client; set up read-only users; forbid the deletion of resources; and allow scheduling of tasks.
  • Data Lineage: Allows you to understand the effect that your complex Transformation Jobs will have on your data. Track a column backwards to its source to determine where and how calculations are applied.
  • Concurrent Connections: Available from the Environment Setup dialog, this feature enables users to state the maximum number of database connections to allow concurrently. This can potentially speed up large ETL jobs.
  • HA Clustering: Allows jobs to run on clusters that can survive node failures, automatically resubmitting jobs that fail. This feature is available for Matillion ETL for Snowflake (AWS), Redshift, Delta Lake (AWS), and BigQuery.

Contact Support

If you have any questions about Matillion ETL Enterprise Mode, or require assistance with any other aspect of Matillion ETL, please contact our support team.

* BYOL = bring your own licence