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New Components, Enhanced UI, and CDC Agent Upgrades!

Designer CDC New features 🎉Improvements 🔧

We're excited to unveil a series of updates, featuring new components for the Designer, an enhanced user interface, and significant improvements to the CDC Agent.

Designer's Growing Suite of Components

The Designer has been enriched with the addition of the Marketo Query component, making integration with Marketo smoother than ever. Google BigQuery Query and NetSuite Query also joined the roster, offering more versatility in querying data.

We've revamped the UI for a streamlined user experience. The ‘+' button is now an ‘Add' button accompanied by a context menu, simplifying the process of creating pipelines and folders. For those stepping into an instance of Designer with no existing pipelines, a 'Getting Started' wizard is at your service to make the setup a breeze.

CDC Agent Gets a Revamp

The CDC Agent was upgraded to version 2.83.5, with several imrprovements to snapshotting reliability. Snowflake users will also benefit from the additional validation of the stage format.

We also introduced ‘rs_id' and ‘ssn' metadata fields to the Oracle change records, providing more detailed insights for effective data tracking and management.