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Shopify Query authentication guide

This is a step-by-step guide to acquiring credentials for authorizing the Shopify Query component for use in Matillion ETL. This process partly involves creating a custom app for your store. Previously, you had to create private apps, which are now replaced by custom apps. Your existing private apps are still available for use. Refer to your Shopify administrator for more information.

  • The Shopify Query connector uses an API key for third-party authentication.
  • You need an active MyShopify shop to source data from.
  • While connector properties may differ between cloud data warehouses, the authentication process remains the same.

Create an OAuth entry

Begin by creating an OAuth entry in Matillion ETL, as described in Manage OAuth. You should then configure this OAuth entry using the Shopify credentials, obtained as described below.

How to obtain a Shopify API key

  1. Log in to Shopify.
  2. Click Apps in the left sidebar. A search bar menu will appear.
  3. At the bottom of the search bar menu, click Apps and sales channel settings.

    App settings

  4. Click Develop apps.

  5. Click Create an app. The Create an app dialog will appear.
  6. Provide an app name and set the app developer account.
  7. Click Create app.
  8. Click Configure Admin API scopes.

    App development

  9. Tick the appropriate scopes for the app, then click Save.

  10. Click Install app and then click Install again to confirm. Shopify will navigate to the API credentials tab.
  11. On the API credentials tab, click Reveal token once and then copy your Admin API access token. Store this somewhere secure.
  12. Scroll down and make a note of your Storefront API access token.
  13. Scroll down and make a note of your API key and API secret key.

    API credentials

  14. Navigate to your Shopify Query component in Matillion ETL.

  15. In the Shop URL dialog, paste your organization's Shopify Shop URL and click OK.

    Configure App Id in Properties

  16. Next, click ... next to the App Id property. Then, in the App Id dialog, paste the API key (copied from the Shopify website earlier) into the field provided and click OK.

  17. Finally, click ... next to Password property. Then, in the Password dialog, paste the Admin API access token (copied from the Shopify website earlier) into the Store in component field and click OK. Alternatively, click Manage and create a password entry in Manage Passwords and then click the Use Password Manager radio button and select your new entry from the drop-down.
  18. If the App Id is entered correctly, the connector should be authenticated.