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API Connector Wizard

This article is specific to the following platforms - Snowflake - Redshift - BigQuery.


The API Connector wizard helps you to decide which API connector to use in your Matillion ETL instance. It provides additional advice about how to manage your API profiles.

Choosing an API connector

To access the wizard, click Project, then click Manage API Profiles, and then click Need Help Deciding?.

The wizard will appear, displaying two API Connector options:

  1. API Extract Connector: Allows you to access and import data from any API in its original structure, and transform it within your Matillion ETL instance.
  2. API Query Connector: Allows you to access, filter, interrogate, and flatten data from any API before importing it into your Matillion ETL instance.

To view and create API profiles within Matillion ETL, click either of these options, then click OK to navigate to Manage Extract Profiles and Manage Query Profiles dialogs, respectively.