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API overview

The API is an interface that allows users to interact programmatically with the Matillion Data Productivity Cloud.

The API follows a RESTful architecture, which is characterized by several key attributes:

  • A resource based URL format.
  • When interacting with the API use form encoded data.
  • Response from the API is in JSON format.
  • The Matillion API uses HTTP response codes.
  • The API employs standard authentication methods, including the use of bearer tokens, to secure access. It also follows standard HTTP verbs (e.g. GET, POST, PATCH, and DELETE) for consistent and familiar interaction with the API.

Try in Console

Before you begin

Create Hub account or sign in.

Base URL

EU server:

US server:


Make sure to choose the right endpoint when you are using the console. Your Hub account needs to be in the same region as the endpoint server.


The Data Productivity Cloud API supports Bearer token authentication. To authenticate with the API endpoint, you should provide a token obtained through API credentials created in your Hub account.

For detailed instructions on the authentication process, please read authentication.