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Webhook Post


The Webhook Post component lets Matillion ETL users post a payload to a unique URL. A webhook is an automated message sent from an app upon the occurrence of an event. Webhooks have messages—or payloads—that are sent to the unique URL.


Name = string

A human-readable name for the component.

Incoming Webhook URL = URL

Input a valid Webhook URL. The URL must start with http or https.

Payload Template = drop-down

The default setting is [Custom]. Click the Manage button within this property to manage payloads.

Payload = JSON

Input a valid JSON payload body. If the payload is not a valid JSON body, an error message will be displayed: "Payload is not valid JSON."

For help with Webhook payloads, read our Manage Webhook Payloads guide.

Users can also define variables in a payload body. To define a variable enclose the variable name in curly braces, for example: {{variableName}}.

This property is unavailable if the user selects a payload template other than [Custom].

Payload Variables = column editor

  • Payload Variable: Click + to add a payload variable, selecting from the variables specified in the payload body. Click - to remove a variable.
  • Target Value: The value of the variable.

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