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Alter Warehouse

The Alter Warehouse Component allows users to edit a warehouse from within Matillion ETL for Snowflake. This component makes use of Snowflake's Alter Warehouse functionality.


Name = string

A human-readable name for the component.

Warehouse = drop-down

The Snowflake warehouse used to run the queries. The special value, [Environment Default], will use the warehouse defined in the environment. Read Overview of Warehouses to learn more.

Command Type = drop-down

Select the operation to perform on the Snowflake warehouse.

  • Abort All Queries: Aborts all the queries currently running or scheduled on a warehouse.
  • Rename To: Rename this warehouse.
  • Resume: Choose to bring back a suspended warehouse to a usable state by provisioning compute resources.
  • Set: Alters the properties of a warehouse.
  • Suspend: Choose to remove all compute nodes from a warehouse. Additionally, puts the warehouse into a SUSPENDED state.
  • Unset: Resets the current value of a warehouse property back to its default value.

New Name = string

The new name for the Snowflake warehouse. This property is only available when Command Type is set to Rename To.

Properties = dual listbox

Choose one or more properties to change. This property is only available when Command Type is set to Set. The available properties are as follows:

  • MAX_CONCURRENCY_LEVEL: Specifies the maximum number of SQL statements (queries, DDL, DML, etc.) a warehouse cluster can execute concurrently. The maximum concurrency is 8* the number of processors on your cloud instance. For example, an instance with two processors has a maximum concurrency of 16.
  • STATEMENT_QUEUED_TIMEOUT_IN_SECONDS: Specifies the time, in seconds, an SQL statement (query, DDL, DML, etc.) can be queued on a warehouse before it is canceled by the system.
  • STATEMENT_TIMEOUT_IN_SECONDS: Specifies the time, in seconds, after which a running SQL statement (query, DDL, DML, etc.) is canceled by the system.
  • COMMENT: Adds a comment or overwrites the existing comment for the warehouse.
  • WAREHOUSE_SIZE: Choose a warehouse size.
  • MAX_CLUSTER_COUNT: The number of available clusters (1, 2, 3, 4 or 5).
  • MIN_CLUSTER_COUNT: (Optionally) set to a value greater than 1.
  • AUTO_SUSPEND: If auto-suspend is enabled, the warehouse is automatically suspended if the warehouse is inactive for the specified period of time. (TRUE or FALSE)
  • AUTO_RESUME: If auto-resume is enabled, the warehouse is automatically resumed when any statement that requires a warehouse is submitted to the current warehouse for the session. (TRUE or FALSE)
  • RESOURCE_MONITOR: Sets the warehouse to use a resource monitor.
  • SCALING_POLICY: Specifies the policy for automatically starting and shutting down clusters in a multi-cluster warehouse running in auto-scale mode ("STANDARD" or "ECONOMY").

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