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Updating to version 1.69 and above


The Matillion ETL 1.69 release is a migration-only update. This is due to several upgrades to underlying systems including the operating system, the Java runtime environment, and Apache Tomcat. No in-place update is available for this release via the UI.

Please read the below documentation related to migration in Matillion ETL:

Upgrading to version 1.69 or above

Because version 1.69 is a migration-based update, please follow the steps outlined in Migration.

  • Ensure all of your data is backed up before proceeding with this update. Read Migration to learn more.
  • Both upgrades to 1.69, and downgrades to 1.68 or lower, require an instance migration.
  • If the machine is running in an egress-restricted environment, please ensure is allowed within the domain/network.


The rollback process for this update is to revert to using your old instance—that is, the one you migrated from.

Ongoing updates after the 1.69 update

Updates after the 1.69 release will return to normal operating procedures. There will be two options available:

  1. Upgrading Matillion ETL via an in-place update.
  2. Instance migrations.

Additional information

The following directory locations have changed:

  • Application - /usr/share/tomcat
  • Logging - /var/log/tomcat
  • Configuration - /etc/tomcat
  • System configuration - /etc/sysconfig/tomcat

The service has changed to tomcat (previously called tomcat8).