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CloudWatch Publish

Publish metrics to CloudWatch. Within the AWS console, you may then attach alarms to get alerts when metrics values fall out of a normal range.


Name = string

A human-readable name for the component.

Region = drop-down

The AWS region that the metrics are to be published to. The default region is eu-west-1.

Namespace = string

All Cloudwatch metrics belong to a Namespace. The value entered here will become a category under the "Custom Metrics" section of the Cloudwatch console.

Namespaces starting with "AWS" are reserved, so you should avoid using AWS as the prefix for the Namespace.

Metrics = column editor

Cloudwatch metrics are numeric, which allows for indicators (using only 0 and 1), proportions/percentages (using real values between 0.0 to 1.0), or domain-specific values such as rowcounts or runtimes.

In the Metrics editor, click + to add a metric. For each metric, enter:

  • Metric: The name of the metric in the given Namespace. Metrics are created on demand, so there is no requirement to create the metric in advance. They are generally shown in Cloudwatch within a few minutes.
  • Numeric Variable: Select a variable from the drop-down. This variable must already exist as a pipeline variable or project variable whose type is Numeric. This variable MUST have a default value set or an error will be returned. Read Variables for more information.

Click Save to exit the editor and save the Metric.

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