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Connect to Google BigQuery

Connect to Google BigQuery via Data Loader and use it as your destination for batch-loading a pipeline.


Read Set up Google BigQuery to make sure you are ready to connect to your Google BigQuery destination.

Connect to Google BigQuery

Click Add GCP credential to add a new set of credentials to connect to Google Cloud Platform (GCP).

Property Description
GCP credential label A name for the new GCP credentials.
Access key ID A JSON file with a working GCP access key. Drag the JSON file into the box, or click anywhere in the box to upload.

Click Test and save to confirm the credentials work, save them, and return to Connect to Google BigQuery.

Property Description
GCP credential A working Google Cloud Platform credential.
Destination label A descriptive name for the Google BigQuery destination.

Configure Google BigQuery

Property Description
Project A working Google Cloud project. To learn more, read Creating and managing projects.
Dataset Datasets are top-level containers stored within projects for organizing and controlling access to your tables and views. To learn more, Introduction to datasets.
Cloud storage area A working Cloud Storage bucket to store data inside. To learn more, read Create storage buckets
Table prefix An optional prefix to add to your destination table.

When you are happy with your configuration, click Continue.