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GCP projects and service accounts

Google service accounts are used to permit Data Loader access to specific resources required for CDC, such as Cloud Storage buckets and secret manager resources. It's recommended you make a Google service account specifically for Data Loader and give access to only the resources you make as part of the CDC setup process.

Creating a project

You will need a project and attached service accounts.

To create a new project:

  1. Log in to the Google Cloud Platform console.
  2. Click the navigation menu in the upper-left (also known as the "hamburger menu").
  3. Choose IAM and adminCreate a project.
  4. Provide a descriptive name for your project. Must be unique. Cannot be changed later as a Project ID is generated.
  5. Choose an organization. Cannot be changed later.
  6. Choose a parent organization or folder as the location.
  7. Click CREATE.

Creating a service account

Once you have a project, you can create a service account:

  1. Click the navigation menu in the upper-left (also known as the "hamburger menu").
  2. Choose IAM and adminService accounts
  4. Provide a unique, descriptive display name for your service account.
  5. Provide a unique ID for your service account. You can use the service account name as the service account ID if it is unique.
  6. Provide a description for the service account.
  8. In the Select a role drop-down, add the roles
    • roles/container.admin
    • roles/iam.serviceAccountAdmin
  9. Click + ADD ANOTHER ROLE if applicable.
  10. Click DONE.