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Copilot prerequisites

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Before you get started using Copilot to enhance your data productivity, you need to fulfill certain prerequisites, outlined below.

Cloud data platform

To begin, you must have a user account for a cloud data warehouse. Currently, Copilot only supports Snowflake.

You need access to your cloud data platform account credentials and any relevant connection details to set up an environment connection with the Data Productivity Cloud.

Connectors and databases

Configure connectivity on your data sources to enable communication with the Data Productivity Cloud. Read allowing IP addresses for detailed instructions.

Matillion Hub

  • Register for a Matillion Hub account. Need help? Read Registration.
  • Create accounts in the Hub for all users and administrators who will be active during the trial period.

It's recommended to set up a Pay-Go subscription. Although not mandatory during the trial period, having a subscription in place will prevent system lockout once the trial period expires.

Get started

Once your Hub account is activated, the Data Productivity cloud is ready to use. The first steps in using the Data Productivity Cloud and Copilot are:

You are now ready to create and run your first pipeline using Copilot.