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The Data Productivity Cloud supports OAuth 2.0 for connecting to third-party services such as Google.

Create an OAuth connection

To set up a new OAuth entry, follow these steps:

  1. In Project Explorer, click the OAuth tab.
  2. Click Add OAuth.
  3. Complete the fields

    • OAuth name: A unique, descriptive name for your OAuth connection.
    • Agent: Select an agent. This is only required if you have a Hybrid SaaS solution. To learn how to create an agent, read Create an agent.
    • Provider: Select a third-party Provider. For example, Google or Salesforce.
    • Authentication type: Currently only supports OAuth 2.0 Authorization Code Grant.


    If the provider requires completion of additional fields, read our documentation for authenticating with that third-party provider.

  4. Click Authorize.

  5. A new browser tab will open, connecting you to the third party. Select your account, and complete the connection (e.g. in Google, click Allow). Upon success, this browser tab will close.
  6. The OAuth connections menu will now display your new OAuth connection.
  7. Your new OAuth connection is ready for use with corresponding third-party connectors.

Delete OAuth

  1. Enter the OAuth tab.
  2. Click the more button ... on the corresponding row of an OAuth you want to delete.
  3. Click Delete OAuth.
  4. Click Yes, delete to confirm deletion. Otherwise, click Cancel.

Supported OAuth providers

Designer currently supports the following OAuth providers: