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AWS Marketplace subscription

Set up and configure your AWS Marketplace subscription, and subscribe to the Matillion Data Productivity Cloud listing.

Customers who use Hub can pay via the AWS Marketplace, directly to Matillion, or via the Azure Marketplace, once they choose to upgrade to a paid plan. To link your Hub account to your AWS Marketplace account, you need to subscribe to the AWS listing. You can then use your AWS Marketplace account as a payment method.


To subscribe to AWS you will need the AWS managed policy: AWSMarketplaceManageSubscriptions, which you can attach to your IAM identities. This policy grants contributor permissions that allow subscribing and unsubscribing to AWS Marketplace products.

Subscription limitations

Please be aware of the following limitations:

  • Each customer can only have one active marketplace subscription set up at any one time, per account. For example, if your account is connected to the AWS Marketplace, and you try to connect to a different marketplace subscription, such as Azure, then you won't be able to connect to an additional subscription from your account. If you want to subscribe to another payment method, please contact your sales representative or support, who will be happy to help with your request.
  • Matillion's AWS Marketplace integration is carefully designed to allow billing through AWS without sacrificing the power of Matillion's usage aggregation and pricing. This is achieved by computing pricing on the Matillion side and reporting the total due to AWS Marketplace in the form of a usage-based charge that costs $0.01 per unit.

Subscribing to AWS Marketplace

Follow the steps below to configure your AWS Marketplace subscription.

  1. Launch the AWS Marketplace. On the homepage, enter "Matillion" in the search bar, and the listing will appear. Click Matillion Data Productivity Cloud next to the Matillion icon, and click View purchase options on the right.


    If you're not already logged into the AWS Marketplace, you will be prompted for your AWS account credentials.

  2. Depending on your current setup, you may also need to click Subscribe on the next page.

  3. To begin using this software, click Set Up Your Account in the top-right of the current page on the AWS Marketplace, and complete your registration. If you're unable to complete the registration process, you can return here through the Your Software page on the AWS Marketplace, and manage your account subscription. For more information about your AWS Marketplace account status updates, refer to Appendix: AWS Marketplace SNS notifications.
  4. After the creation of your AWS Marketplace account, you'll be redirected to the Hub log in/sign up page, where you can either register to the Hub or, if you are an existing customer, sign in. For more information, read Getting started.


    When you have logged in to your account on the AWS Marketplace, your Matillion Data Productivity Cloud subscription will appear in the Manage subscriptions page.

  5. Sign in to the Hub. The My Accounts page will be displayed, where you must select which Hub account you wish to link to your AWS subscription. To do this, click the account you want to pay for via AWS. Once your Hub account is linked, you will be directed to the page where you can upgrade your plan, if you wish to self-serve and subscribe.


    If you are transacting via a custom deal with our sales team, you don't need to click Place Order, and you can begin your Hub journey.

  6. If you have initiated this subscription by finding the Matillion Data Productivity Cloud listing directly from the AWS Marketplace, or you want to choose the AWS Marketplace as your payment provider when you're ready to upgrade, it's recommended that you take the following steps, once you have subscribed to the marketplace:

    • Create a Matillion ETL instance within the Hub, and associate that instance with your Hub account to start your Free Trial.
    • Add a Batch or CDC pipeline.
    • Choose to upgrade after your trial has ended by choosing your edition, subscription, credit consumption, and payment plan, using the AWS Marketplace as your payment method. For more information, read Manage subscription.

Unsubscribing from AWS Marketplace

Customers can unsubscribe from their existing AWS Marketplace subscription and arrange to pay for their Hub account via a different payment method, such as credit card, invoice, or Azure Marketplace. For more information, read Manage payment details and invoices.

Follow the steps below to unsubscribe from your AWS Marketplace subscription.

  1. Sign in to the AWS Marketplace Console. On the homepage, enter "Matillion" in the search bar. The Matillion Data Productivity Cloud listing will appear.
  2. On the Manage subscriptions page, click Manage next to the subscription listing you want to cancel.
  3. Scroll down the page, select the Actions drop-down menu in the Agreement section, and click Cancel subscription.
  4. Select the checkbox to acknowledge that all resources and data related to this subscription will be deleted, and the data can't be recovered, then click, Yes, cancel subscription.


    Immediately after you have confirmed that you want to unsubscribe, a message will appear at the top of the Manage subscriptions page of the AWS Marketplace Console, stating your subscription has been successfully canceled. For more information about your AWS Marketplace account status updates, refer to the section below.

Appendix: AWS Marketplace SNS notifications

The table below shows the SNS notifications that Matillion will receive when a customer subscribes and unsubscribes to pay via the AWS Marketplace.

Notification Status Description
subscribe-success When a customer successfully signs up to pay via AWS Marketplace.
subscribe-fail When a customer's payment method has failed.
subscribe-pending When a customer unsubscribes to pay via AWS Marketplace. This indicates that Matillion has an hour to gather final consumption and billing costs before the customer's payment subscription is permanently cancelled.
unsubscribe-success The customer has successfully unsubscribed to pay via AWS Marketplace.


If a customer unsubscribes and then immediately and successfully re-subscribes before the final unsubscribe-success message is sent, a subscribe-success message will be sent to Matillion instead.