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Designer uses branching for version control. Best practice recommends that development of pipelines in the Designer be conducted on named development branches, rather than the branch main.

Not added a project yet? Read Add project.

Add new branch

  1. From the Your projects menu, select your project.
  2. Navigate to the Branches tab.
  3. Click Add new branch.
Property Description
Branch name A unique name for the new branch.
Branch from Select which branch to branch from, for example, main.
Default environment Select the environment that this branch will use by default. Not created an environment yet? Read Add environment.

Click Create to add the new branch, or click Never mind to cancel.

Locate your new branch in the Branches menu and click it to redirect to the Designer.

Manage branches

To edit a branch, click ... for that branch and click Edit branch details.

To delete a branch, click ... for that branch and click Delete branch. Deleted branches can't be recovered. You can re-use the name of a deleted branch for a new branch.


You can sort the Branches menu by name or by default environment.