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Git integration

Git is integral to the working of the Data Productivity Cloud and provides efficient data pipeline management. Full SaaS deployment models use a Matillion-hosted git repository but customer-hosted git repositories are available through Hybrid SaaS deployments. Through customer-hosted git, Matillion seamlessly integrates with an organization's GitHub repositories, enabling centralized control and collaboration for data pipeline management.

Git is integrated into the Designer interface to facilitate efficient version control and collaboration among team members working on data pipelines.

For detailed information on git integration, read Git in Designer.

Security considerations

If hosting your own git repository for use with the Data Productivity Cloud, consider the following security implications:

Secure authentication

Implement secure authentication methods, such as HTTPS, between Matillion and customer-hosted git repositories. Strong credentials should be employed to ensure secure access.

Access controls

Define granular access controls within the git repositories to restrict unauthorized changes to the codebase. Only authorized users with appropriate permissions should have write access.

Encryption in transit

Enable encryption for data transmitted between Matillion and Customer Hosted git repositories to safeguard code changes and sensitive information during transmission.

Regular backup

Implement regular backup procedures for git repositories to prevent data loss and maintain data integrity. Backup procedures should be tested and reliable.

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