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Credit consumption dashboard

The credit consumption dashboard is available to all Hub customers. From here you can view a complete breakdown of the credits consumed by your account across the duration of your subscription, per day and per month.


  • From 21st August 2023, Hub users with the Billing Administrator role will be able to view the userID of each Matillion ETL user who triggers an additional user charge during a billing period. A new row will be displayed in the Credit breakdown area of the credit consumption dashboard. For more information about the Billing Administrator role, read Edit user permissions.
  • The userID will only be displayed for events received after the launch of a Matillion ETL instance.
  • You must be on the credit consumption dashboard to view invoice information. The Invoice link in the user menu, top-right, will be available to Hub customers that pay for their subscription directly with Matillion, using a credit card or invoice payment method. Annual Upfront and Annual Monthly subscriptions apply to this. For more information, read Appendix: Subscription payment information in Manage payment details and invoices. For Hub customers who pay for their subscription via AWS or Azure, their invoices can be viewed from AWS or Azure marketplace, respectively.

Accessing the credit consumption dashboard

To access the credit consumption dashboard you are required to register with the Hub. Once you have logged into your Hub account, access the dashboard through one of these methods:

  • Click ManageCredit Usage.
  • On the Services page, click the Monitor credit usage icon under Quicklinks.

credit consumption dashboard


At the top of the page you will see your account and subscription plan details:

Plan Details Further Information
Plan Edition Basic, Advanced, Enterprise.
Subscription Trial, PayGo, Annual.
Renewal Date Trial expiry date, PayGo renewal date, Annual contract renewal date.
Download A CSV file of your specified month's credit consumption.

Additionally, if you're currently on the Enterprise trial edition, you will see a ribbon with the following options:

Enterprise Trial Edition

  • i: Hover your mouse over the "i" icon to display information about your Enterprise trial edition.
  • View Breakdown: Opens the credit consumption dashboard, and displays two buttons at the bottom of the dashboard called Go to Matillion ETL and Go to Matillion Data Loader, where you can start using out ETL or Data Loader services. For more information, read Matillion ETL instance creation, or Data Loader overview, respectively.
  • Upgrade: Opens the Choose your edition page which provides comprehensive information about each edition and subscription. You can explore each edition in detail by selecting the Show all features link to open the Compare features overlay. For more information, read Editions and Manage subscriptions, respectively.
  • Talk to Sales: Opens the Talk to an Expert page which lets you send a message to Matillion's Sales team. Ensure you include the appropriate email address and phone number for the response.

A graphical representation of your daily credit usage will be displayed below your plan details. Use the drop-down menu in the top-right to select which month you want to view.


Customers on the trial edition can view how many credits they have used so far. Paying customers can see how many credits they have used each month.

Hover your mouse over the bar chart to reveal your daily consumption usage.

Consumption Usage

Credit allowances

Contracted customers can view their total credit consumption across the duration of their contract. You can view your credit allowances, and you can view how many of those credits have been consumed since the beginning of your contract.

To view the total number of credits you have consumed during this period of your contract, look to the right of the graphical representation of your daily credit usage. You will see an area called Total credits used, where the credit allowance information is displayed, just below Credits used this month.

Colour-coded warnings are in place to show you how close you come to consuming the total number of your contracted credits.

Contracted Credits

The table below displays information about when you are in overage, and a link will be provided to view more information about overages.

Status Threshold
Running low on credits (Blue) 70% of allowance.
Running low on credits (Red) 80% of allowance.
Credit allowance reached 100% of allowance.
Credit overage Credit allowance +1.

Credit breakdown

This section shows credit usage data for each resource type you use in the specified month. The following information will be displayed:

Type Description
Matillion ETL (Compute) All compute Credits consumed per Matillion ETL Instance. (vCore hours). Each instance is listed with the Instance name, Instance ID and number of credits consumed.
Matillion ETL (Additional Users) Up to 21st August 2023, the total number of credits consumed across all METL instances for additional users who have logged into a Matillion ETL instance outside of the customer's monthly allowance.
Manual Adjustments Any manual Credit adjustments made by Matillion. These are typically Credit refunds or additional charges where necessary.
Data Loader (Batch) The total number of Credits consumed for all Batch MDL Pipelines.
Data Loader (CDC) The total number of Credits consumed for all MDL CDC Pipelines.
Designer The total number of Credits consumed by Data Productivity Cloud Pipelines.