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Cloud Credentials Storage, Expanded SaaS Support, and More!

Designer Data Loader New features 🎉Improvements 🔧

We're excited to share our latest updates designed to optimize your experience with enhanced features in cloud credential storage, component support, and an array of new Flex connectors. Here's the lowdown.

Designer Enhancements

Users can now store cloud provider credentials within the Designer, streamlining authentication with AWS and Azure. We've broadened the scope of components supported in a Matillion Full SaaS environment, including Data Transfer, Excel Query, File Iterator, RDS Bulk Output, RDS Query, S3 Load, S3 Unload, SNS Message, and SQS Message. Plus, utilizing an S3 location as the stage platform on all query components is now a breeze in a Matillion Full SaaS setting.

CDC Pipeline Upgrades

The CDC agent has advanced to version 2.87.1. Now, pipelines with Db2 for IBM i as a source can benefit from on-demand snapshots. We've introduced the Change Log as a transformation type for pipelines targeting Snowflake. Also, the "Create Pipeline" pages got a facelift with an in-client Help bar, offering contextual documentation to assist you seamlessly through the creation process.

Batch Pipelines Boost

Meet the new arrivals in Flex connectors – PagerDuty, Snyk, Datadog, Freshdesk, Klaviyo, LaunchDarkly, Productboard, Smartsheet, and Twilio – each designed to amplify your batch pipeline development and data transformation capabilities.