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UI setup

This section is designed to help you troubleshoot some of the typical errors that you may encounter while configuring and working with CDC user interface journey.

Agent Screen

  • When creating an agent, make sure to give it a unique name.
  • When deploying and configuring your Agent, please refer to the agent logs which provide verbose information, warning and error information to help you self-diagnose and fix any installation and platform communication issues. Where this is not possible, contact Matillion Support at your earliest opportunity.
  • If you want to remove an agent from the CDC UI, you can do so at any moment, but you must also delete the corresponding container from your infrastructure.

:::info{title='Note'} Matillion will continue to add and update more descriptive information within these sections, to continually help you self investigate, diagnose and fix any issues or reach Matillion Support at your earliest opportunity. :::