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1.63 release notes


:::info{title='Note'} If you have become a Matillion ETL customer during May 2022 _or after_ May 2022, please only subscribe to version 1.63 or later. :::

Below, users will find release notes for Matillion ETL version 1.63.x

The Matillion docs team is using this release to test a pivot in how we deliver release notes. Instead of five pages per release (one page for each cloud data platform, with a lot of repeated content), we are using one page per major version (i.e. this page is dedicated to version 1.63 and any 1.63.x interim releases).

These release notes will clearly highlight instances where a feature is specific to one or more platforms, but not available on all platforms.

Interim patch notes for version 1.63 will also be published to this page.

Matillion ETL version 1.63.5 (interim release)

(26th May 2022)

  • Updated the Dynamics CRM Query component to include OAuth functionality. You can set the Authentication Method parameter to OAuth and then set the Authentication parameter to a configured Dynamics CRM OAuth entry. Read Dynamics CRM Query Authentication Guide to learn how to set up an OAuth entry.

Matillion ETL version 1.63.4 (major release)

(10th May 2022)

Tech notes

New features and improvements

All platforms

  • The Twitter Query component has been deprecated and replaced by a version of the same name. Data sources that relate to ads have moved to the Twitter Ads Query component.
  • New Shared Job Git API endpoints are available including push and fetch. Read API v1 - Git Integration to learn how to use these endpoints.
  • The Retry component now offers a custom retry delay setting where users can specify an integer value of seconds, minutes, or hours.
  • Manage Schedules has been updated. Functionality for enabling and disabling schedules has been improved.
  • task_id has been added to the list of automatic variables.
  • The On Warnings parameter in the Salesforce Output component is now available when using the Salesforce Bulk API.
  • Updated the Delta Lake Defaults page of the Create Project wizard in Matillion ETL for Delta Lake on Databricks. The Cluster field has been renamed to Endpoint / Cluster. Additionally, Databricks Cluster Connection has been renamed to Databricks Connection on the Delta Lake Connection page of the same wizard.
  • CDC shared jobs are now available with Matillion ETL. These shared jobs work with the CDC pipeline functionality in Data Loader 2.0. Currently, only the Avro file type is supported. These shared jobs do not work with the Manage Change Data Capture feature within Matillion ETL.

Delta Lake on Databricks


All platforms

Bug fixes

All platforms

  • Fixed an issue where the connection option AutoDetectIndex was not available as a valid connection option in DynamoDB Query.


  • Fixed an issue where the Salesforce Output component would fail with the error Exception: StackOverflowError when the component was run with Use Bulk API set to No.


  • Fixed an issue where enabling certain per-connection case-sensitivity on Matillion ETL for RedShift would cause issues accessing external schemas.

Driver updates

All platforms

  • Amazon DynamoDB API driver updated. 21.0.7934.0 → 21.0.8123.0
  • Cassandra API driver updated. 18.0.6943.0 → 21.0.8134.0
  • Dynamics 365 Sales API driver updated. 21.0.7930.0 → 21.0.8134.0
  • Facebook API driver updated. 21.0.7810.0 → 21.0.8137.0
  • Google Analytics API driver updated. 21.0.7898.0 → 21.0.8137.0
  • Google Ad Manager API driver updated. 21.0.7930.0 → 21.0.8130.0
  • Google Custom Search API driver updated. 20.0.7662.0 → 21.0.8137.0
  • Jira API driver updated. 21.0.7954.0 → 21.0.8137.0
  • MongoDB API driver updated. 20.0.7661.0 → 21.0.8134.0
  • OData API driver updated. 21.0.7958.0 → 21.0.8137.0
  • Open Exchange Rates API driver updated. 18.0.6775.0 → 21.0.8133.0
  • Oracle Eloqua API driver updated. 21.0.8077.0 → 21.0.8123.0
  • PayPal API driver updated. 20.0.7682.0 → 21.0.8137.0
  • QuickBooks Online API driver updated. 21.0.7930.0 → 21.0.8137.0
  • Redis API driver updated. 19.0.7030.0 → 21.0.8137.0
  • Salesforce API driver updated. 21.0.7807.0 → 21.0.8129.0
  • SharePoint API driver updated. 21.0.8080.0 → 21.0.8151.0
  • Stripe API driver updated. 21.0.7954.0 → 21.0.8137.0
  • Twilio API driver updated. 21.0.7892.0 → 21.0.8137.0
  • Twitter API driver updated. 19.0.7473.0 → 21.0.8123.0
  • Xero API driver updated. 21.0.7930.0 → 21.0.8137.0