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Finding a Workday object's integration ID

Certain objects in the Workday Extract component require that you know the integration ID of the object when configuring it. This article describes the process of obtaining the integration ID through the Workday portal.

Finding the integration ID

  1. Log in to your Workday account, and on the Workday home page type the name of the object into the search bar. Click the name of the object in the drop-down list below the search bar. If you can't locate the object with the search bar, try typing the name of a report, task, or other object containing the object you are looking for, and drill down to the required object from there.
  2. On the object details page, hover over the name of the object and click the ... button that appears.
  3. Scroll down the drop-down list and hover over the Integrations IDs item. This opens a sub-menu.
  4. Click View IDs on the sub-menu to open the Integration IDs page for the object.
  5. On the Integration IDs page, the Workday ID is shown in the top-left. Some object types also have a list of Reference IDs. You can use any of these IDs when configuring the object in the Workday component.