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1.74 release notes

Below, you can find release notes for Matillion ETL version 1.74.x

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Matillion ETL version 1.74.1

2024 - February 9th

New features and improvements

  • Added an improvement to confirm that URLs are parsed correctly following a successful log in.
  • Security fixes.

Matillion ETL version 1.74.0

2024 - January 10th

New features and improvements

All platforms

  • The Performance monitor feature is now generally available. The performance monitor displays critical real-time performance metrics for your Matillion ETL instances.
  • Added support for end-to-end data encryption to the SAP ODP Extract connector.

Delta Lake on Databricks

  • When creating a new environment, you can now specify a full Databricks URL as the Workspace ID.
  • Added environment default Unity Catalog as an Automatic variable.


  • Updated the AWS SDK for Java to support AWS security best practices, as detailed in this Tech Note.

Bug fixes

All platforms

  • Removed the S3 URL Region property from all components where it was used; this was originally introduced to work around an AWS issue that has now been fixed by AWS.


  • Fixed an issue where SAP ODP delta files were exceeding Snowflake size limits.
  • Fixed an issue that was causing Salesforce Query to hang when using Join or Union All operations. (AWS)

Amazon Redshift

  • Fixed an OAuth issue that was causing the Data Transfer component to fail in some circumstances when attempting to pull a file from the Documents Library in SharePoint.

Driver updates

  • AWS Redshift JDBC driver updated
    • This driver update includes a fix for the issue described in this tech note and customers may wish to consider upgrading their Matillion ETL version if affected.
  • Google Ad Manager API updated v202205v202308
  • Marketo API driver updated 22.0.8384.023.0.8565.0
  • Salesforce Marketing Cloud API driver updated 21.0.8222.023.0.8669.0