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Manage OAuth


When importing data into a table from third-party services, it's necessary to use OAuth as the authentication method. Matillion ETL streamlines the OAuth setup for all OAuth APIs to make this process as easy as possible. Matillion ETL supports OAuth v2.0 for most connectors, though some connectors may use earlier versions.

This page is a generalized method of creating and configuring an OAuth entry through Manage OAuth. We recommend searching for your specific third-party authentication guide on this site.

Setting up an OAuth entry

  1. Click ProjectManage OAuth.


    If a connector has already been added to an Orchestration Job, the Manage OAuth dialog may also be accessed using the following method:

    1. Click the connector icon to open the Properties panel.
    2. Click ... next to the Authentication input, and finally click Manage in the pop-up dialog.
  2. Copy your Matillion ETL instance Callback URL. You typically need this value when acquiring third-party credentials.


    A number of third-party services require a callback URL to be of format HTTPS rather than HTTP.

  3. Click + to add a new OAuth entry.

  4. In Add OAuth Entry, provide a descriptive name for your OAuth entry and then select your service from the dropdown menu. Click OK.


    If you're creating an OAuth entry to authenticate an API Query Profile or API Extract using third-party authentication, select API as the service.

  5. Once you've created your OAuth entry and returned to the Manage OAuth dialog, confirm that your OAuth entry exists. Its status should read Not Configured. Click the settings button.

  6. Clicking the settings button opens the Configure OAuth dialog. The fields in this dialog must be completed to attempt to authenticate Matillion ETL with your third-party service. Use the specific authentication guide for your third-party connector to learn how to acquire the specific credentials (for example, client ID and client secret).


    For authenticating an API Query profile, you will need a Client ID, Client Secret, Auth URL, and Access Token URL.

    API Query profile authentication

  7. Once you complete the Configure OAuth fields, click Next.

  8. Click Authorization link. This action will redirect you to a login page of your third-party service, where you will be asked to confirm the connection between Matillion ETL and the third-party service.

If the authentication process succeeds, you will be redirected to Matillion ETL and the Configure OAuth dialog will state Authorization successful.


If your OAuth entry fails to authenticate:

  • Check whether your third-party service accepts HTTPS or HTTP.
  • Check that you have added each credential correctly when completing the fields in Configure OAuth.
  • Check whether your third-party service has an expiration time (for example, 30 days, 90 days) on OAuth tokens.