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SAP ODP connection options


  • This component is available for Matillion ETL for Snowflake, Amazon Redshift, and Google BigQuery.
  • This component is in public preview as of version 1.70. :::


This page documents the additional connection options for the SAP ODP Extract component in Matillion ETL.

To set any of these connection options in SAP ODP Extract:

  1. Double-click the component's Connection Options parameter.
  2. Click + to add a single connection option and select from the dropdown, or click Add All.
  3. Set the value of each connection option.


Property Description
Code Page Defines the code page used to convert the logon parameters. Should be used in special cases only. The default for JCo is 1100. Read Languages, Code Pages, and Conversions to learn more.
SID System ID (SID) of the SAP system. For ECC, this parameter is usually EC3. The SID is used with load balancing, but can also be used in SAP systems that have a dedicated application server. Specify a value if you wish to differ from the ECC default. This parameter is optional.
Sap Router String for the IP or DNS address and port number of the SAP router (if a router is in place). The syntax is /H//S/. For example, /H/ Read Uses and Functions of SAProuter.
My Sap Sso2 SSO isn't currently available for this connector.
Get Sso2 SSO isn't currently available for this connector.
X509 Certificate Public key for an X509 certificate with SNC, generated by SAP. Without SNC: provide the path to the file of the X509 certificate.
Network Options include High Speed Connection (LAN by default) or Low Speed Connection.
SNC Sso SSO isn't currently available for this connector.