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Extract to new job


Extract To New Job is a feature of the Matillion ETL client that allows users to take an arbitrary selection arbitrary components in a job and use them to create a new standalone job. This new job then takes the place of the selected components via a Run Transformation or Run Orchestration component.


There are several parts of this job that we might decide to turn into a new job. For instance, we might decide that the two components, Truncate Staging Table and Stage Data (AVRO), are quite generally applicable and could be its own job.

We can select multiple components by holding CTRL and left-clicking the desired components. Then, right-click the canvas to bring up the context menu and select Extract To New Job.

An option to undo this operation is also provided via Undo Extract To New Job.

When clicked, Extract To New Job will place the selected components into a new job, linked up to a Start component. This job can run as-is although may still be dependent on input from the job it was extracted from.

Configuring your extracted job

When you choose to Extract To New Job you will get a new dialog box to configure the job. A name and description can be given to the new job. Grid and Job variables that are part of the job being extracted from are available to be copied over to the new job. Copying variables over to the new job can help if that new job is to be run independently from the original job.

The extracted job is identical to any other job and can have its own variables defined in an identical manner.