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1.72 release notes

Below, you can find release notes for Matillion ETL version 1.72.x

1.72 is a long-term support (LTS) release. Long-term support for version 1.61 has now ended. Read about Matillion ETL supported releases to learn more.

Matillion ETL version 1.72.3

2023 - November 21st

Improvements and bug fixes

  • Fixed an issue where the SSL certificate chain file could be overwritten in /etc/tomcat/server.xml.
  • Fixed an issue where SQS messages would not run in order under heavy load.
  • Fixed a caching issue on Delta Lake on Databricks instances where new tables were not recognized.
  • Added caching to retrieval of schemas in Azure Synapse instances to alleviate performance issues during and after migration.

Matillion ETL version 1.72.2

2023 - November 9th

Improvements and bug fixes

  • Fixed an issue where sampling and parameter changes were only possible for five minutes following job validation.
  • Reduced the runtime of the Salesforce Output component when capturing reject records from Snowflake.
  • Fixed an issue where non-fully qualified masking policies for Snowflake columns were producing null pointer exceptions.

Matillion ETL version 1.72.1

2023 - September 20th

New features and improvements

All platforms

  • Logo and branding updates to the Matillion ETL UI.
  • Updated Matillion ETL from Apache Tomcat version 10.1.2 to version 10.1.11.
  • Improved Task History to display schedule completion time.

Snowflake, Delta Lake on Databricks, Amazon Redshift

  • The Run dbt Command component has been renamed to Commands for dbt Core and the component has been updated in the following ways:
    • Added a Profile Config parameter for users to assign additional output parameters or override existing parameters of the profiles.yml file.
    • Renamed the parameter Map Environment Variables to Map dbt Environment Variables.

Delta Lake on Databricks

Bug fixes

  • Improved Git Integration performance by running certain repository transactions as batch processes.
  • Added an improvement to ensure that admin customizations are preserved in the server.xml file.
  • Added an improvement for batch job loading for better performance when opening large projects.
  • Fixed an issue where the Schedule Completed column in Task History was displaying incorrectly formatted values.
  • Added an improvement to optimize memory usage when there are many connected sessions.
  • Added an improvement to prevent temporary file handles from being lost when staging from empty tables.

Driver updates

  • Snowflake JDBC driver updated
  • Dynamics 365 Business Central API driver updated 21.0.8011.022.0.8545.0. This update fixes a bug where users could experience timeout issues when setting filters.
  • DynamoDB API driver updated 23.0.8587.023.0.8630.0
  • Facebook API driver updated 21.0.8137.023.0.8565.0
  • Facebook Ads API driver updated 22.0.8391.023.0.8565.0
  • Google Ads API driver updated 22.0.8432.023.0.8649.0
  • Jira API driver updated 22.0.8322.023.0.8579.0. This update fixes a bug where custom column values were not returned correctly beyond the first page.


For Facebook Query and Facebook Ads Query, the Version connection option has been removed. This is a breaking change and any components with this option set will fail validation. Both drivers now default to v16.0 of their respective API.