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Db2 for IBM i connector

Data Loader CDC's Db2 for IBM i connector captures immutable change events within your chosen Db2 tables that have been selected for your change data capture pipeline. These changes are first written to your desired cloud storage location and then transformed and loaded via Matillion ETL into your selected warehouse.

How it works

The connector captures row-level changes from your Db2 for IBM i instance. This works by reading journal entries for the tracked tables. The tracked tables must therefore be journaled, and the Db2 for IBM i user requires permissions to query these journals.

The connector initially queries the database to determine which journals capture the selected tables—and when streaming, will read from each of the relevant journal receivers.

The Data Loader Change Data Capture process uses a Hybrid SaaS architecture and requires an agent container to be deployed within your virtual private cloud (VPC). Please read CDC Agent Installation for details of setting up an agent, including setting access permissions to connect to the Db2 instance.

The first time the connector connects to the Db2 instance, it performs a full load snapshot of the selected tables for which it is configured to capture changed data. This ensures the historical data of the selected tables is captured for replication to your chosen destination.


Snapshot completion times can vary depending on the dataset selection and infrastructure speeds.

Once the full load snapshot process has completed, the connector begins streaming changes by querying the journal for any new entries.

Connect to Db2 for IBM i

When selecting Db2 for i as a source during pipeline creation, provide the following information:

Property Description
Server address The server address of your Db2 for i database.
Port The port number used to access your Db2 for i database.
Username The username used to log in to the specified database.
Secret Provider Choose the provider for your secrets manager that contains your database password.
Secret Name Enter the name of the secret that corresponds to your database password. Read Manage secrets to learn how to add a named secret to your provider's secret manager.

You don't need to add any additional parameters under Advanced settings.

Click Test and continue to move to the next page of the connection wizard.

Choose and configure tables

Choose any tables you wish to include in the pipeline by moving them to the Tables to extract and load listbox.

Use the arrow buttons to move tables from the All tables listbox to Tables to extract and load, and then reorder them with click-and-drag if required. You can select multiple tables using the SHIFT key. Click Continue with X tables to move forward.


It may take some time for the connector to initially fetch the list of tables from the database and populate the All tables list if the database has a large number of tables and schemas.

Next steps

You need to configure and set up your Db2 for i database. To learn how to do this, read the Configuring Db2 for IBM i guide.