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Add schedule

Schedules allow users to run pipelines at set times, even periodically, with a choice of environment. This way, pipelines can be reused in different contexts and automated as desired.

Schedules can be viewed, created, and deleted from the Schedules tab in the Designer after a project is selected. Not added a project yet? Read Add project. You can also add a schedule from the pipeline canvas.

To create a schedule, you must have published the pipeline that the schedule will run, using the push command from within the main branch of Designer.

Add a schedule

There are two ways to add a schedule.

From the project:

  1. From the Your projects menu, select your project.
  2. Navigate to the Schedules tab.
  3. Click Add schedule.
  4. Complete the properties on the Create a new schedule screen, described below.

From the pipeline:

  1. On the pipeline canvas, click Add schedule in the upper-right.
  2. In the Add schedule pop-up, click Schedule.
  3. Complete the properties on the Create a new schedule screen, described below.
Property Description
Name A unique, descriptive name for the schedule.
Environment Select the environment configuration that the schedule will run pipelines using. Read Add environment to learn more about environments.
Published pipeline Select a pipeline to run in the schedule.
Agent A working agent. This is only required if you have a Hybrid SaaS solution. To learn how to create an agent, read Create an agent.
Timezone Select a timezone for the schedule to adhere to. The default is GMT.
Starts on Select the start date for the schedule.
Cron expression Specify a Cron expression to set the start time and regularity of the schedule.

Click Create. You will then be redirected to your new schedules menu.

Cron expression examples

Once every 30 minutes:

*/30 * * * *

Once every hour:

0 0 * ? * * *

Once per day at 12pm (noon).

0 0 12 * * ?

Delete a schedule

  1. Enter the Schedules tab.
  2. Click the more button ... on the corresponding row of a schedule you want to delete.
  3. Click Delete schedule.
  4. Click Yes, delete to confirm deletion. Otherwise, click Cancel.