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Recurly Extract authentication guide


This is a step-by-step guide to acquiring credentials for authorizing the Recurly Extract connector for use in Matillion ETL.

While connector properties may differ between cloud data warehouses, the authentication process remains the same.

Acquire a Recurly private API key

  1. Log in to Recurly.
  2. From the Recurly dashboard, click IntegrationsAPI Credentials.
  3. Click Add Private API Key.
  4. Enter a name for the API Key in the KEY NAME field and add descriptive information about the API key in the NOTES field. Click Save Changes.
  5. The API credentials dialog will now display the New private API key. Copy the value listed under Private API Key, which you will use as the Recurly API key during the authentication process.

Complete the authentication

  1. In Matillion ETL, navigate to your Recurly Extract connector.
  2. Click into the API Key property.
  3. Store the API key in the component, or create a managed entry for the API key using Manage Passwords (recommended).