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Backups (AWS)


This article describes how to back up your Matillion ETL instance using AWS's Snapshot feature. For the full AWS documentation, read Create Amazon EBS Snapshots.


Where possible we recommend using the built-in backup functions within Matillion ETL.

While we do our best to ensure updates go smoothly, you should take an EBS snapshot of the AMI root volume to provide a restore point in case of any problems.



These instructions assume you are using the AWS New EC2 Experience. On older versions of the EC2 Dashboard, the method will be slightly different.

1. In the EC2 Dashboard, locate the instance running Matillion ETL and select it.

2. On the Storage tab of the instance details panel, select the storage volume you wish to back up.

3. On the Volumes page, right-click on the Volume ID and select Create snapshot.

4. Enter a Description for the snapshot and click Create snapshot.

You can check the status of your snapshot (Pending, Completed) by selecting Snapshots in the EC2 Dashboard.