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Refresh External Table

Refreshes an external table, resyncing it with the target data. An external table requires refreshing so that the correct data will be returned when the table is queried. This refresh should always be done before an external table is used, and it is critical when the target data has been changed since the table was last used.

This component is typically used in conjunction with Manage Stages and the Create External Table component.


Name = string

A human-readable name for the component.

Database = drop-down

The Snowflake database. The special value, [Environment Default], will use the database defined in the environment. Read Databases, Tables and Views - Overview to learn more.

Schema = drop-down

The Snowflake schema. The special value, [Environment Default], will use the schema defined in the environment. Read Database, Schema, and Share DDL to learn more.

Target Table string

The name of the external table to be created or used.

Relative Subpath = string

The directory path to follow to the target data. File names cannot be specified. The path is relative to the storage location given in the External Stage setup.

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