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CloudWatch Publish


Publish metrics to AWS CloudWatch. Within the AWS console, you may then attach alarms to get alerts when metrics values fall out of a normal range.


This feature is only available for instances hosted on AWS.


Name = string

A human-readable name for the component.

Region = drop-down

The AWS region that the metrics are to be published to. The default value is the region that Matillion ETL is running in.

Namespace = drop-down

All Cloudwatch metrics belong to a namespace. Namespaces starting with "AWS" are reserved, so you should avoid using "AWS" as the prefix for the namespace. The value entered here will become a category under the Custom Metrics section of the Cloudwatch console.

Metrics = column editor

  • Metric Name: The name of the metric in the given namespace. Metrics are created on-demand, so there is no requirement to create the metric in advance. They generally show in CloudWatch within a few minutes.
  • Numeric Variable: The name of an existing Variable, whose type is numeric. CloudWatch metrics are numeric, which allows for indicators (using only 0 and 1), proportions/percentages (using real values between 0.0 to 1.0), or domain-specific values such as rowcounts or runtimes.

This numeric variable MUST have a default value or an error will be returned. Read Variables for help with setting default values.

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