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Cortex Summarize

Cortex Summarize is a transformation component that uses Snowflake Cortex to summarize the input text of one or more columns and write the result to new output columns. All text rows in the selected input columns will be summarized. If the input text is too short to allow a meaningful summary to be generated, the original text will be output instead.

Currently, this summary is only suitable for English-language text. For other languages, consider using the component in conjunction with the Cortex Translate component.

You must use a Snowflake role that has been granted the SNOWFLAKE.CORTEX_USER database role. Read Required Privileges to learn more about granting this privilege.

To learn more about Snowflake Cortex, such as availability, usage quotas, managing costs, and more, read Large Language Model (LLM) Functions (Snowflake Cortex).


Name = string

A human-readable name for the component.

Columns = dual listbox

Choose one or more columns to summarize. Move columns left-to-right to select them to be summarized.

All input columns are available to select, but only text columns will produce meaningful summaries.

Include Input Columns = boolean

  • Yes: Outputs both your source input columns and the new summary columns. This will also include those input columns not selected in Columns.
  • No: Only outputs the new summary columns.

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