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Manage Shared Jobs


Shared Jobs allows users to bundle entire workflows into a single custom component, and then use those custom components anywhere else in the Matillion ETL project. The Shared Jobs appear as a collection in the Shared Jobs panel, on the left-hand side in the Matillion ETL user interface (UI), similar to how components can be browsed. Shared Jobs can be imported, exported, and deleted via the Manage Shared Jobs dialog.

Please Note

For information on generating Shared Jobs, read Shared Jobs.

Managing Shared Jobs

To manage your Shared Jobs, click ProjectManage Shared Jobs.

The Manage Shared Jobs dialog will open, and display a list of the Shared Jobs that currently exist within your Matillion ETL instance. They are grouped by the Package Name. Clicking an existing job in the tree view on the left-hand side will reveal basic information about the job.

Once a Shared Job has been selected, you can do the following:

Importing a Shared Job

Click Import in the Manage Shared Jobs dialog to open Import Shared Jobs. Click Browse, and select a previously downloaded, valid .melt file from your computer. It is advised that you do not manually edit the .melt file.

Please Note

Your Matillion ETL instance should be of a current or newer version to that of the instance an imported Shared Job originated from. It should also belong to the same platform.

The selected file will be displayed in the Select Shared Jobs section of the dialog. Select the intended file for importing, and click OK to confirm the import into your Matillion ETL instance.

Exporting a Shared Job

Exported Shared Jobs will be downloaded as a .melt file that can be readily imported into another Matillion ETL instance.

Click Export in the Manage Shared Jobs dialog to open Export Shared Jobs. Select the intended Shared Job from the tree view, you wish to export. The name of your selected Shared Job will be populated in the File Name field at the bottom of the dialog. To confirm, click OK.

Deleting a Shared Job


Permanently deleting a Shared Job from your Matillion ETL instance is irreversible.

Click Delete in the Manage Shared Jobs dialog to open the Delete Shared Jobs pop-up window. Enter the Shared Job name you wish to delete. Click Yes to confirm deletion.